You never know in tokyo - printset

  • You never know in tokyo - printset

A set of three handprinted drawings from a stay in Tokyo. Printed on beautiful, handmade 300 grams paper from De Middelste Molen. They have been making paper since 1622 and this craftmanship, knowlegde and eye for attention pays off. The paper almost has a fabric-like quality and brings out the linework of the prints beautifully. Not a single piece of paper is the same which really adds to the character of these sets.

Each set comes in a screenprinted folder to garantee maximum protection during transport but also makes it a perfect gift, or a safe place to store the prints you're not hanging on your wall immediately.

Each folder is handsigned and there are only 10 of these sets made.

Prints: 20 x 25cm (7,9" x 9,8") | Folder: 27 x 32,5cm (10,6" x 12,8")