Accidental Storylines Print Set


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Set of 3 Accidental Storylines prints. Each of these 3 prints is an exact, riso-printed reproduction of original A4-sized drawings, based on memories, thoughts, photographs, dreams and everything in between.

Once I start drawing all these elements will fluidly appear on the piece of paper in front of me. The open space dictates what shapes and forms will come out next, until the complete piece of paper is filled with small poetic vignettes.

Assembled on a single page these small pieces of information, often accompanied by fragments of text that pop up during drawing, interact in non-linear narratives. Never revealing their true meaning, but always giving you just enough clues to unravel your own personal version of the story that takes place on the piece of paper in front of you.

Printed on Gmund cotton linen cream 300 grs paper
21 x 29.7cm (A4)
Edition of 25