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Some 5 years ago I was supposed to go on a five week trip to the US with my girlfriend at the time. Not long after we booked our tickets we broke up and I figured I might as well go to the States on my own. It was the first time I used my drawings as a visual journal which turned out to be the perfect remedy for my broken heart: Being there on my own, dealing with the break-up, with life ahead, and processing everything that happened on the road, it felt natural to give all those thoughts a place on a piece of paper. So both as an artist and as a human being it was quite a forming trip.

I recently found these screenprints (printed by the nice people of We're Out Of Office), which I completely forgot about. I made this particular drawing in New York, the last stop of my trip. I visited the American Musuem of Natural History that day, had a beer next to the water in Brooklyn, and saw some typical NY scenery. All included in this drawing.

Each print is hand numbered + signed and comes with a set of postcards and a couple of stickers.

Prints: 29,7 x 21cm (11,7" x 8,3") | 300 grams off-white paper

Worldwide shipping available.

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